Nuke Gizmos

Below are provided some of the gizmos I have made and are free to use. I post to nukepedia so please visit and leave any comments or improvements that you wish to happen to the gizmos. All the tools are featured in my td/gizmo showreel. If you have any need of specific tools you can contact me for more information.



This tool gives you the ability to quickly generate and add steel wool to any shot. Plug in any roto or paint to use as a map. You have full control of the speed, size and maps generated. The gizmo creates a steel wool, burning edge and a leading edge mask to help with any grading and burning color correction. Couple this with T_Embers and the effects are endless.



This tool allows you to distort any plate or image using paint brush strokes. It is very useful for quickly adding distortions frame by frame. It also gives more flexibility than spline warp or grid warp when creating the distortions. It can also be used to paint motion blur. It’s perfect for fabrics or anything else your mind can imagine.



A particle driven ember generator. Create embers fast, easily and with full control. With the ability to input a camera, emitter shape and particle shape, there really is no end to what they can be used for. There are multiple controls to maximize efficiency and to apply different forces to the particles.



This exponential glow differs from some of the others out there. Rather than using Blur nodes it’s created through Glow nodes. This gives you a lot more individual controls such as ‘tint’, ‘saturation’, ‘tolerance’ and other. You also have 2 different merge modes. Rather than just ‘plus’ you can also use ‘screen’ to avoid crushing the glows and values above 1.



This tool allows you to warp any 2D map static or animated into a circle. It is useful for creating eyes and eye effects, shock waves and anything else that requires such distortion. The gizmo is mainly focused for eyes and has multiple controls for pupil dilation and iris size, but it is very easily usable to create anything else.



OverStack is a gizmo that stacks multiple merges with an ‘over’ operation. This is very useful to make smoke look ‘thicker’ without crushing it. The typical grading method on the left as shown does not do a good job picking up the lower values and it crushes the higher ones. OverStack on the other had will provide a smooth transition and better look when creating thicker smoke.



This is a more comprehensive heat distortion for nuke. It uses two noises to mimic more accurately real heat distortion. Both noises also have the ability to distort the image in all axis’ unlike the typical unidirectional distortion. This gives it a smoother and more realistic look. All controls are available for each noise and more, such as blur behind noise and brightness, giving the ability for quick and realistic creation of heat distortion.



This tool allows you to use one image or plate as a ‘Map’ to distort another. You have separate control of the X-Axis and Y-Axis distortion. With this gizmo you can very quickly and easily make and setup distortions properly from one element to another.